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The Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC), created in 2009 by the Head of State, H.E. President Paul Biya, serves as the representative body for over 14,000 youth organizations in Cameroon. It is a national forum for consultation, expression, coordination, dialogue, and action among youth organizations in the country.


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Fadimatu Iyawa Ousmanu


Bienvenue sur la plateforme informative et multidimensionnelle du Conseil National de la Jeunesse du Cameroun. Le Conseil est ouvert à tous les jeunes qui souhaiteraient apporter un plus à l'évolution des conditions de la jeunesse camerounaise."

"Welcome to the informative and multidimensional platform of the Cameroon National Youth Council. The Council is open to all young people who would like to bring more to the evolution of the conditions of Cameroonian youth.


Cameroon National Youth Council impact

The Cameroon National Youth Council, established in 2009 by the Head of State H.E Paul Biya, boasts a comprehensive network comprising 360 subdivisional offices (totaling 3600 executive members), 58 divisional offices (totaling 580 executive members), 10 regional offices (totaling 100 executive members), and a national office with 13 members. This army of 4293 executive members, supported by a rich thematic network and commissions, is bolstered by 12 volunteers at the national level. Together, we have a presence in all localities of Cameroon and the diaspora. Since the establishment of the website, this collective force has orchestrated 11 major events and numerous minor events at all levels across 9 cities in 1 countries (see them all on a map).

A total of 12375 incredible Youths attended events organized by members of our community.

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They already support us! 💕

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